Music: Here is a music unit plan overview that I made with a colleague for EDCI 306B. This unit is intended for grade 1 and covers the key elements of music.

French: Here is a French unit plan can be used for Core French 6 or it can be adapted for elementary French immersion students. The theme is Olympics so it would fit well in the winter while the actual winter olympics are going on.

Mathematics: Here is a grade 4 Math lesson plan that I made with a colleague in my second year of the elementary education program. This example activity has multiple answers and therefore is an open ended question. This activity requires students to think critically about the word problem and create a plan on how to solve it using their knowledge of basic math operations.

Physical Education: Here is a sample unit plan that I created and taught with two of my colleagues for a field experience assignment fo EPHE 311. Grade 3 Creative Dance Unit plan This unit was a lot of fun to teach! The student feedback was that the animals were their favourite part. The unit outlines basic animal movements and then focuses on Indigenous animals. The students sure got creative with these movements and were begging us to add in more animals. Creative dance is a great unit to teach because it gives the students lots of wiggle room to interpret the movements as they see fit and put their individual twist on the animals. For example, when we suggest moving like a fish we had some fast swimmers, some slow rolling fishes on the ground as well as some flying fish.

Art: Here is a sample art lesson plan that I created for my EDCI 307 course. Grade 2 Salish Weave Art lesson plan This was an assignment that I chose to teach and submit student art examples with their permission. The students loved the activity and I would consider teaching it to a range of grades. Here is a picture of the art pieces I submitted with my lesson plan.